Confirmation of Status

The purpose of the Confirmation of Status interview is to provide you with further feedback on the viability of your research topic. It is also an opportunity to assess the standard of your written work in good time for you to make any necessary adjustments before completing the research and finishing the writing.

If you do not satisfy the interviewer that you are fit to be confirmed, they may either request minor adjustments to the submission, or require you to submit a new application in one term's time (or 3 months time, if during the long vacation). The interviewer may recommend that you be transferred to MLitt status, if it appears that the research completed is better suited to that degree.

Your application for confirmation of status is due Friday of Week 5 of your 8th term on the DPhil. If you choose to defer your confirmation application, please be aware that this does not affect your maximum submission date - it will stay the same. 

Note that you may be interviewed by one or two interviewers, depending on your topic and their expertise.

You must apply by Friday of Week 5 of your third Hilary Term (or 5th Hilary Term if part-time).

The requirements 

The GSO.14 Applications to confirm DPhil status form shall be accompanied by:

(i) a full outline of chapters (1-2 pages), summarising the scope of individual chapters and their state of completion, including a timetable for completion of the work which remains to be done before submission of the thesis;

(ii) a draft abstract of the thesis as a whole, of between 1,000 and 2,000 words;

(iii) a sample chapter, of between 6,000 and 10,000 words (footnotes are included in the word count);

OPTIONAL: (iv) a confidential report from the supervisor which should be sent direct to the Faculty’s Graduate Office. Your supervisor may choose to just fill out the section on the GSO.14, or to send a confidential report directly to the Graduate Office. Either option is fine.

The Graduate Office will send the full application to the interviewer appointed by the Faculty Board.