DPhil Progression Timetable

The tables below are designed to give you a quick overview of your progression on the History DPhil.  The tables are divided into what the Faculty of History expects you to do, and what the University regulations stipulate (ie. the very final deadlines to complete the various stages). 

Full Time Progression

dphil full time progression

Oxford MPhil to DPhil Progression

mphil to dphil

Key timings for DPhil students admitted from a two-year Oxford taught Master's course (PDF)

Students who have completed the MPhil may continue to build their doctoral thesis on the same research basis. In that case, they may apply to waive Transfer of Status and proceed directly to Confirmation of Status. In some cases, the research basis of the MPhil may not lead to any significant repetition of the prose submitted in the MPhil thesis. In other cases, it may be appropriate to repeat work written for this thesis. In such cases, it may not constitute more than 30% (30,000 words) of the DPhil thesis.

Part Time Progression

dphil pt

MLitt Progression