Student Visa Holders

As a Student visa holder (formerly Tier 4 visa, prior to 5th October 2020), there are certain responsibilities that you have, and that the University has. For example, you must make sure that your information is up-to-date on the Student Self-Service, and inform the University any time you get an updated passport. 

The Faculty must monitor your attendance and make sure that you are engaged with your studies. The easiest way for us to this is for you to complete a termly report on the Student Self Service reporting system. If we have not heard from you all term, you may be contacted by the Graduate Office, to check in and see what you have been up to. The University must report any unapproved absences to the Home Office, which can affect the status of your visa, so it's good to always keep us in the loop.

You can find further details about your obligations on the Universtiy page, here

You can contact the Student Immigration Team by emailing 

The Home Office page about the Student visa is available here

Doctoral Extension Scheme (DES)

Please note that the Doctoral Extension Scheme will be replaced by the Graduate Route Visa on 1 July 2021. The visa will allow ​degree and PGCE students to stay on and look for or start work for two years, or three years for DPhil students. Students will need to ​have successfully completed ​their degree and have remaining time left on their student visa. The current Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES) (one year to stay on and look for work) will close ​when the graduate route opens. DES visa holders cannot then apply for the Graduate Route later on, so they may want to consider their options if they are completing their DPhil soon. 

The Doctoral Extension Scheme (DES) is an extension of tht Tier 4 visa, allowing you 12 months to look for, and find work, in the UK without the need for sponsorship from an employer, because the University is acting as your sponser. 

It is very important that you apply for the DES BEFORE you have received Leave to Supplicate (LTS). It is best to let the Graduate Office know that you plan on applying for the scheme as early as possible, and to submit the application form around the time that you have your viva. You cannot apply for the DES after you have recieved LTS, as the system updates automatically, and the Home Office is informed that you have completed your degree.