Postdoctoral Associate Membership of the Faculty

Former doctoral students who have successfully completed a DPhil in the History Faculty* may apply for Postdoctoral Associate Membership of the Faculty.

Postdoctoral Associate Member (PAM) status is intended to help newly qualified colleagues make the transition from graduate student to early career researcher, especially for those who complete their degree and hope to stay active, whether part-time or full-time, in academic work, and who do not move into postdoctoral research or teaching positions immediately on conclusion of their doctoral research. The aim is to enable former DPhil students who wish to do so, to continue work arising from their thesis, with a view to publication of articles or the preparation of a monograph, to remain part of the Faculty’s intellectual community, to retain a formal academic affiliation with associated email address and online profile, and to provide a network within the Faculty to support DPhil graduates on the academic job market or in making the transition to other further careers. This status may be held for twelve months from the date of approval of the application, and will carry the following:

  • a University card and SSO giving continued access to libraries and online resources;
  • email address;
  • profile under ‘Researchers’ on the Faculty webpage;
  • inclusion on the main Faculty mailing list for research seminars and other events.

You can apply for PAM status by filling in a simple opt-in form and emailing it to the Graduate Office (

In order to apply, you must have successfully completed your viva voce examination, and you must have been granted leave to supplicate for the degree of DPhil (i.e. you need to have completed your thesis and any corrections required after the viva before applying; you do not need to have formally graduated). You also need the support of your former DPhil supervisor whose signature on your form, or confirmation of support via email, is required. No other supporting documentation or references are required. 

Please note that PAM status is not equivalent to a Postdoctoral Research position in the Faculty, and does not carry with it an entitlement to apply for research funds from the Faculty. It is not intended to be renewable or to become a permanent status, but rather to provide a bridge or platform to support the transition from graduate study to academic employment, other careers, or independent scholarship.

*This measure is being introduced in view of the particular difficulties of the current cohort of DPhil students completing their research degrees during the Covid-19 pandemic; DPhil students who complete their degrees since 20th March 2020, or who will complete in AY 2021-22, are eligible to apply. We also recognise the broader ongoing needs of newly postdoctoral colleagues in the changing higher education environment in the UK and internationally; the scheme may subsequently be reviewed.