Termly Lecture List

The Lecture List is the central place to look for lectures and classes that are related to your academic course. 

The list of Lectures and Classes is divided into sections for

  • General Lectures (Section 2)
  • the Preliminary Examination (Section 3
  • the Final Honour School (Section 4)
  • Postgraduate Courses and Seminars (Section 5).

We recommend that undergraduates and graduates read through all sections of the list and to avoid focussing on those specifically designated for particular paper options. Lectures relevant to History may also appear on other faculties’ lecture lists, which can be accessed through the University website: http://www.ox.ac.uk/students/academic/guidance/lectures.

Students in Joint Schools are particularly referred to the lists for their other subject, but History undergraduates are also encouraged to browse them according to their particular interests.